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The objective of the workshop is to provide a forum for scientists, conservators, owners of cultural heritage properties and other experts who are involved in cultural heritage preservation.
The focus will be on historic structures and their conservation and preservation. The workshop will bring together European activities and initiatives that capture the current state‐of‐the‐art in research and development. It will present the latest results from the European & national projects 3ENCULT, Climate for Culture, EFFESUSCETIEBMEMORINANOMATCH, MESSIB, CHIC, SMooHS, Spara och Bevara and others.


  • Energy Efficiency in historic buildings and districts, scenarios, solutions and tools
  • Determination & assessment of the impact of climate change on cultural heritage objects
  • Assessment of the impact of indoor environments on movable and immovable cultural heritage objects
  • Smart monitoring methods and technologies
  • Non‐destructive and minimal‐invasive test methods for the evaluation and assessment of heritage objects
  • Simulation and modeling tools for historic buildings and building materials
  • Tools and strategies for enhanced management, conservation, preservation and maintenance of cultural heritage structures
  • Case studies on the above themes


  • 01) Adaptation of energy storage systems to Cultural Heritage: the application of Phase Change Materials technology to historical buildings and objects
    A. Bernardi, F. Becherini, M.D. Romero-Sanchez, Ángel M. López-Buendía, A. Vivarelli, P. Moretti, G. Baldisseri, C. Ghiretti, L. Pockelé
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  • 02) The impact of organic acids on varnishes in museum environments
    I. Bonaduce, M.P. Colombini, F. Di Girolamo, Sibilla Orsini, M. Odlyha, S.Rutkowska, M.Scharff, T. Grøntoft
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  • 03) The climate for culture method for assessing future risks resulting from the indoor climate in historic buildings
    R. Kilian, T. Broström, J. Ashley-Smith, H.L. Schellen, M. Martens, F. Antretter, M. Winkler, C. Bertolin, D. Camuffo, J. Leissner
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  • 04) The “Memori System”; measurements, effect assessment and mitigation of pollutant impact on movable cultural assets. Innovative research for market transfer
    T. Grøntoft, E. Dahlin, S. Håland, H. Vika Røen, T. Heltne, D. Thicket, P. Lankester, A. Schieweck
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  • 05) The use of spectrophotocolorimetry techniques in modern art
    S. Omarini
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  • 06) Experimental methods on monitoring of materials surfaces in climate change conditions
    V. Tornari, E. Bernikola, J. Leissner, C. Bertolini, D. Camuffo
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  • 07) Efficiency of an organ heater and its potential impact on the organ in a church 
    C. Bertolin, D. Camuffo, A. della Valle
    >> PDF <<
  • 08) Evaluation of two air infiltration models on a church
    A. Hayati, M. Mattsson, M. Sandberg, E. Linden 
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  • 09) Adaptive ventilation for occasionally used churches
    P. Klenz Larsen, M. Wessberg, T. Broström 
    >> PDF <<
  • 10) Fan pressurization method for measuring air leakage in churches. Wind and stack induced uncertainties
    M. Mattsson, M. Sandberg, L. Claesson, S. Lindström, A. Hayati 
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  • 11) Plaster finishes in historical buildings. Measurements of surface structure, roughness parameters and air flow characteristics 
    M. Sandberg, A. Sattari, M. Mattsson
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  • 12) Relative humidity control in historical buildings allowing the safe natural indoor-climate fluctuations
    T. Vyhlídal, P. Zítek, D. Camuffo, G. Simeunovic, O. Sládek, M. Wessberg
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  • 13) Preliminary assessment of atmospheric plasma torches for cleaning of architectural surfaces
    C. Aibéo, T. Cavallin, E. Egel, M. Favaro, V. Kamenova, L. Nodari, A. Patelli, A. Pavlov, I. Pavlova, O. Schalm, P. Scopece, S. Simon, P. Storme, E. Verga Falzacappa, S. Voltolina
    >> PDF <<
  • 14) Assessment of salt crystallization through numerical modelling
    G. Castellazzi, S. de Miranda, L. Grementieri, L. Molari, F. Ubertini
    >> PDF <<
  • 15) Nanomaterials for the conservation and preservation of historical monuments
    M.L. Ion, R.C. Fierascu, M. Leahu, R.M. Ion, D. Turcanu-Carutiu
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  • 16) Alkaline earth alkoxides for conservation treatment of stone and wood in built heritage
    M. Favaro, M. Chiurato, P. Tomasin, F. Ossola, N. El Habra, N. Brianese, I. Svensson, E. Beckers, V.J. Forrat Pérez, M.D. Romero Sánchez, G. Orial, E. Bourguignon, A. Bernardi
    >> PDF <<
  • 17) Investigations on former stone conservations at the Kapellenturm, Rottweil
    F. Grüner
    >> PDF <<
  • 18) Energy modelling of historic buildings: applicability, problems and compared results
    R.S. Adhikari, E. Lucchi, V. Pracchi
    >> PDF <<
  • 19) Energy efficiency and restoration in the historic centre of Ferrara, a view between conservation and performance
    K. Ambrogio, M. Zuppiroli
    >> PDF <<
  • 20) Large scale measurement campaign to assess the thermal behaviour of an 18th Century historic building in Athens
    I. Atsonios, I. Mandilaras, D. Kolaitis, E. Tsakanika-Theohari, E. Alexandrou, M. Founti
    >> PDF <<
  • 21) Development and demonstration of new systems and technologies for sustainable refurbishment of Europe’s built heritage
    A. Bishara, R. Plagge 
    >> PDF <<
  • 22) A method for categorization of European historic districts and a multiscale data model for the assessment of energy interventions
    T. Brostrom, A. Bernardi, A. Egusquiza, J. Frick, M. Kahn
    >> PDF <<
  • 23) Integrated strategies for sustainable renovation of early post-war housing: the case of Torpa, a housing area and National Heritage asset in Sweden
    P. Femenías, L. Thuvander, A. Danielsson 
    >> PDF <<
  • 24) Conservation compatible insulation on a baroque building
    C. Franzen, M. Zötzl, T. Löther
    >> PDF <<
  • 25) Energetic retrofit of a historic log house on the example of a “Strickbau”
    H. Garrecht, S. Reeb 
    >> PDF <<
  • 26) High- and low-impact strategies for the internal insulation retrofit of traditional masonry walls
    C. Hermann
    >> PDF <<
  • 27) Sustainable natural ventilation and cooling of museums
    J. Käferhaus
    >> PDF <<
  • 28) Numerical simulation of thermal performance of window retrofit options for historic buildings
    C. Misiopecki, A. Gustavsen
    >> PDF <<
  • 29) Energy efficiency and preservation. System thinking in a multiple case study
    H. Norrström
    >> PDF <<
  • 30) Protecting historical buildings doesn’t mean only to respect their appearance
    V. Pracchi, E. Rosina
    >> PDF <<
  • 31) Identifying cultural building values. Methodology review for energy efficiency alterations
    T. Örn, K.L. Nilsson
    >> PDF <<
  • 32) Simulation of energy consumption for dehumidification with cooling in National Museum in Kraków 
    J. Radon, F. Antretter, A. Sadlowska, M. Łukomski, L. Bratasz 
    >> PDF <<
  • 33) Analysis of built heritage. Energy and culture
    O. Wedebrunn, C. Colla, T. Dahl, C. Franzen
    >> PDF <<
  • 34) Monitoring and improvement of indoor environments in cultural heritage
    J. Frick, M. Reichert, G. Baumbach, S. Song, A. Neuwirth, M. Krüger, K. Schmitt, J. Huber, M. Ebermann, L. Pockelé, A. Khanlou, A. Ekonomakou, J. Balau, G.M. Revel, M. Arnesano, F. Pietroni 
    >> PDF <<
  • 35) A novel monitoring and control system for historical buildings
    J.L. Hernández, S. Reeb, G. Paci, H. Garrecht, D. García
    >> PDF <<
  • 36) On the advance of impedance measurements for monitoring moisture in sandstone
    F. Lehmann, M.I. Martínez Garrido, M. Krüger
    >> PDF <<


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