3encult wallwasher in Sala Urbana – contracting started
3encult wallwasher in Sala Urbana – contracting started
The main goal of the efficient lighting installation in Palazzo d’Accursio is to allow for comfortable viewing of the frescoes and to slow down deterioration of materials.
The final design was defined at a multidisciplinary workshop in Bologna. Architects, constructional engineers, conservators and lighting designers combined their talents to create a slim structure to hold the luminaires. Aesthetic doubts were overcome by reshaping the housing of the luminaire to make it nearly invisible, because of its small dimensions and its specific and precise light intensity distribution.
The contracting with is ongoing and installation is expected before the end of  April.
An 8.5m cornice was considered to hide the linear ceiling luminaries. During pre-diagnosis of the ceiling conditions, two anchor points appeared. These are thought to be the holding points for the suspended double-T bar structure, which bears the 3encult wallwasher luminaire. This is shown in the picture, where you can also see the homogeneous illuminance distribution along the walls.

For more informations see the contacts below:
Christian Jenewein (lighting design at
Jörg Wittenberg (manufacturer
Manuela Faustini (architect at comune di Bologna):