iQ-Therm – ‘Intelligent’ Interior Insulation for Historic Buildings
iQ-Therm – ‘Intelligent’ Interior Insulation for Historic Buildings
Developed in the framework of the 3ENCULT project, the innovative iQ-Therm system provides an effective way to refurbish buildings from the inside.  The product provides intelligent interior insulation, significantly upgrading a building’s insulation properties whilst allowing it to remain fully breathable. The system is targeted at buildings where external wall insulation is not viable due to conservation restrictions, or where traditional wall insulation methods cannot be adopted.
The iQ-Therm System also manages to stop rain water from causing damage - even if driving rain penetrates the facade, the system enables it to dry. At no time does moisture form on the surface of the interior wall, which could lead to infestation with mould.
Presented as a prize winning innovation at the Munich Bau exhibition in Germany, this intelligent insulation consists of a breathable rigid polyurethane foam panel, added to the structure walls either with a lime-cement based or - for a better reversibility - a loam based adhesive mortar (originally tested in 3ENCULT). The system is then rendered and painted with compatible products to offer a solution which solves condensation, mould and heat loss issues. The case study ‘Public Weigh house’ in Bolzano (Italy) illustrates the benefits of the system.
With an immense capacity to store and transport moisture, the system buffers peak moisture loads in the air of the room, regulating the climate.
Over the long term, buildings can dry out and make significant energy savings. This is monitored in two other 3ENCULT case studies: the Monumental School in Innsbruck (Austria) and a Wilhelminian-style villa in Dresden (Germany).

For more information, contact Jens Engel (Remmers), Rudolf Plagge (TU Dresden), and Ayman Bishara (TU Dresden)