Partner EURAC

 EURAC logo

European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano - Institute for Renewable Energy

EURAC will coordinate the project and be responsible for the coordination of the dissemination (WP8). With its specific expertise on passive building behavior and RES, EURAC will support the development of energy efficiency solutions in WP3. Furthermore EURAC is the responsible contact for Case Study n°1 - Waaghaus, Bolzano (Italy).

Contact: Alexandra TroiMonika MutschlechnerRoberto Lollini

Partner KA

 KA logo

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation

KA will coordinate the activities in WP2 (Analysis of Built Heritage) as WP-leader and be in particularly responsible for the coordination of the evaluation of impact analysis approaches in WP2. Further KA is the responsible contact for Case Study n°4 - Fæstningens Materialegård, Copenhaben (Denmark).

Contact: Ola Wedebrunn, Torben Dahl

Partner IDK

 IDK logo

Institut für Diagnostik und Konservierung an Denkmalen in Sachsen und Sachsen-Anhalt e.V.

IDK will co-lead WP2 (Analysis of Built Heritage) and work there mainly on comprehensive diagnosis of built heritage for sustainable interventions. Further IDK will work for WP6 (Case studies & Transferability) and coordinate in WP7.

Contact: Christoph Franzen


Partner UIBK

 UIBK logo

University of Innsbruck - AB Bauphysik

WP-leader of WP3 (Energy Efficiency Solutions) and specific contribution to this task with research on (i) moisture transport at beam ends, (ii) integration of shading systems and (iii) heat recovery. Within WP6 responsible contact for Case Study n°5 - Monumental school, Innsbruck (Austria) and support/consultancy for the other Case Studies.

Contact: Rainer Pfluger, Wolfgang Feist


Partner ARUP

 ARUP logo

Ove Arup & Partners International Limited

Arup is involved in WP3 as co-leader. Arup is active in most of the subtasks concerning the aspects of building envelope physic and the active and passive energy efficient solutions, including RES integration and sustainability assessment.

Contact: Matteo Orlandi


Partner USTUTT

 USTUTT logo

Universität Stuttgart

USTUTT will lead WP4. Their main tasks will be the development of cost effective monitoring concepts: new sensor arrangements and techniques of data acquisition based on a wireless and wired communication will be developed and installed to monitor the microclimate and to analyze energy demand. USTUTT is also the responsible contact for Case Study n°8 - Strickbau, Appenzell (Switzerland).

Contact: Harald Garrecht


Partner CARTIF

 CARTIF logo

Fundación CARTIF

CARTIF will coordinate WP4 as the co-leader. In particular the experts from CARTIF will work on the development of a building management system for historic buildings. They will also coordinate this task. Furthermore CARTIF is the responsible contact for Case Study n°7 (Industrial Engineering School, Béjar/Salamanca (Spain).

Contact: José Hernández


Partner BLL

 BLL logo

Bartenbach LichtLabor

BLL will be the WP-leader of WP5 and contribute to WP3 (Energy Efficiency Solutions) with planning of energy efficient, high quality (visual and biological, aesthetical) artificial lighting and day lighting. Special attention will be paid to the integration of the new techniques into the historical context of the buildings. In WP5 new luminaires and day lighting systems will be developed by BLL.

Contact: Contact: Wilfried Pohl


Partner TUD

 TUD logo

Technical University Dresden

Three institutes of TUD are taking part in the project:

TUD - Institute for Building Climatology
Contribution to WP3 (Energy Efficiency Solutions) with its experience with interior insulation and to WP7 (Quality assurance and design tools) with its expertise on dynamic simulation tools, as well as to WP8 (Dissemination). TUD will coordinate WP6 on case studies as WP-leader and is the responsible contact for Case Study n°6 Speicherstadt, Potsdam (Germany).
Contact: Aymen Bishara, Rudolf Plagge

TUD - Chair of Heritage Conservation and Design
Contribution to WP2 (Analysis of Build Heritage); WP6 (Case studies & Transferability) preceded historical study (building archaeology, heritage documentation, integration in the urban context) and preservation issue surveillance in WP7 (Quality assurance & design tools).
Contact: Franziska Haas

TUD - Centre of Expertise in Urban Regeneration
Contribution to WP2 (Analysis of Built Heritage), WP6 (Case studies & Transferability) and WP7 (Quality assurance & design tools).
Contact: Alexa Bodammer, Benno Brandstetter


Partner COBO

 COBO logo

Comune di Bologna

Responsible contact for Study Case n°2 - Palazzo d’Accurso, Bologna (Italy). Main contributions to WP6 (Case studies), where COBO is co-leader, but also to WP2 and WP7 for the tasks related to the urban context, as well as to WP8 dissemination of project results.

Contact: Pamela Lama, Manuela Faustini


Partner PHI

 PHI logo

Passivhaus Institut Darmstadt

PHI will develop a certification scheme and a corresponding calculation tool for economical high-energy-efficiency refurbishments of historic buildings in WP7 (Quality assurance & design tools), where it will also act as WP- leader. Research themes in WP3 are airtightness and windows, furthermore in WP6 consultancy to case studies is given.

Contact: Zeno Bastian


Partner TNO

 TNO logo

The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO

TNO will co-lead WP7 and work in particular on the integration of specific issues of historic buildings in EPBD and respective CEN WGs.

Contact: Marleen Spiekmann, Wouter Borsboom


Partner UNIBO

 UNIBO logo

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

Two departments are participating in the project:

UNIBO - DEI (Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Energia Elettrica e dell’Informazione “Guglielmo Marconi” - Department of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering “Guglielmo Marconi”)
WP4.1 Monitoring: the main contribution of UNIBO to the project will be on the design of the Wireless Sensor Network (WSNs) for buildings monitoring.
Contact: Giacomo Paci, Luca Benini

UNIBO - DICAM (Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Chimica, Ambientale e dei Materiali - Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering)
DICAM will contribute to analysis and diagnosis of problematics of historical buildings as support to decision on best solutions to be adopted, evaluation of intervention measures adopted as ex-post quality control. Responsible contact for Case Study n. 3 - Palazzina della Viola, Bologna (Italy).
Contact: Camilla Colla, Francesco Ubertini





Artemis will contribute to the following WPs: WP2 (Analysis of Built Heritage): Diagnosis, WP6 (Case studies & Transferabilty): diagnosis and implementation of a wireless monitoring system (planned for Case study #2, Palazzo d'Accursio) and WP8 Dissemination

Contact: Enrico Esposito


Partner G1S

 G1S logo


Within WP3 development of low impact solar applications and contribution to conservation compatible energy production and distribution systems, demonstration of development in WP5.

Contact: Juan Avellaner


Partner ANDRE

 ANDRE logo

Menuiserie André Sàrl

Development of passive house windows for the requirements of historic buildings regarding visual appearance, thermal insulation and airtightness and potential use for other historic buildings within WP3 (Energy Efficiency Solutions).

Contact: Mathilde André




Remmers Baustofftechnik

Development and optimisation of capillary-active, interior insulation systems and coordinated hydrophobizing treatment in theory and practice, within WP3 and within WP5 (Demonstration). Application trials, Practice relevant training courses, Practical demonstrations and instructions for working.

Contact: Jens Engel, Dirk Meyer


Partner ATREA s.r.o.

 ATREA logo

ATREA s.r.o.

ATREA will participate in WP3 (Energy Efficiency Solutions) and work there mainly on the development and integration of space saving ventilation systems with heat recovery according to the special demands of historic buildings. Afterwards the developed components will be tested and demonstrated within WP5 (Demonstration).

Contact: Daniel Moravek


Partner YOURIS

 YOURIS logo

Production and dissemination of a Video, News Release and dissemination of articles on their platform within WP8.

Contact: Elisabeth Schmid


Partner ICLEI

 ICLEI logo

ICLEI European Secretariat GmbH

Primarily dissemination (WP8) of the project results specifically targeting local governments throughout Europe, using various channels such as workshops and study tours, e-mail updates, website newsbits, existing membership information media, and other outreach options such as the Cities for Climate Protection (CCP) Campaign mailing list as well as at events.

Contact: Contact: Maryke van Staden


Partner REHVA

 REHVA logo

Federation of European Heating and Air-conditioning Associations

REHVA will work mainly in WP8 (Dissemination): They will organize workshops (professional trainings for architects, construction engineers and consultants) involving their members and national associations.

Contact: Contact: Anita Derjanecz