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Efficient energy for EU cultural heritage

View of Sparkassenstraße


Historic buildings are the trademark of numerous European cities, towns and villages: historic quarters give uniqueness to our cities, they are a living symbol of Europe’s rich cultural heritage and reflect society’s identity.
Yet, this is also an area where the high level of energy inefficiency is contributing to a huge percentage of greenhouse gas emissions. With climate change posing a real and urgent threat to humanity and its surroundings, also to historic buildings, it is necessary to guide an improved approach to all refurbishment actions in historic buildings. 



The project 3ENCULT bridges the gap between conservation of historic buildings and climate protection, which is not an antagonism at all: historic buildings will only survive if maintained as living space. Energy efficient retrofit is useful for structural protection as well as for comfort reasons - comfort for users and “comfort” for heritage collections. 3ENCULT will demonstrate the feasibility of “Factor 4” to “Factor 10” reduction in energy demand, depending on the case and the heritage value.